Personal, Palliative and Companionship

There is a wide range of help that our carers can offer you or your loved ones in their home.

Elmes Homecare provides domiciliary care professionals, who will visit you at a specified time, for an agreed duration, in your own home, and help manage daily life. This can range from Personal care, Palliative or Companionship care. Elmes Homecare Ltd can also help with other household activities, such as outings, helping with the shopping, cooking and cleaning. Our experienced carers can also help with personal activities, such as helping with bathing and getting dressed.


The comfort and dignity of your loved one is paramount to the team at Elmes Homecare.  Our aim is to provide a holistic care and support for those who have made the choice to remain at home rather than in hospital or a hospice.  Our highly trained staff understand that end of life care can be a delicate subject for everyone involved, we approach all aspects with the respect, sensitivity and ultimately professionalism you deserve.

Your wishes and concerns will formulate a bespoke care plan. Elmes Homecare will ensure that companionship, comfort, nutrition and personal care, as well as pain relief and symptom control are provided by our experienced team.

Some clients may need regular care for a variety of reasons, age-related or not, whether dementia, physical disability or for companionship purposes.

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