Our People


Liam Hayward

Registered Manager

I founded Elmes Homecare in 2018 as a solution to a gap in quality care available when we had a vulnerable relative. I personally took time out of my original career in the 1990s to care for my grandmother. It was evident to me then how much consistency meant to her, meals provided on time, companionship and general help around the house and garden. It was a happy time for me and her. I have never forgotten this experience and it has remained with me for over 30 years. My vision for Elmes Homecare is to offer great personal care for all clients, for our carers to become a friend.

I began my working life in June 1987, working for Lloyd’s bank, and had a long and rewarding career before founding Elmes Homecare as a solution to what we saw as a gap for quality, consistent care for vulnerable people.

Throughout my career, the area where I have had the most passion and enjoyment is in employee engagement and client management. I believe my knowledge and experience is utilised within Elmes Homecare to build our great team of carers, who are at the heart of our company, and put our clients at the centre of everything we do. I believe a happy workforce, valued for what they do, translates into great client service, where each day is looked forward too and enjoyed.

Katharine Hayward

Quality Assurance

I have spent over 20 years working in international finance, leading teams across various divisions and countries. My focus for the last nine years has been on regulatory implementation, particularly around data management, including GDPR. I have set in place training programmes for colleagues on new or enhanced regulations and internal policies and standards and built out tracking programmes to ensure the quality of adherence across the organisation.

Effective regulatory adherence and reporting at Elmes Homecare is critical to ensure our clients have optimum care to the highest standards as set out by the UK care regulator, the Care Quality Commission. We make sure our carers are well trained on best practice. We support our carers to consistently and transparently relay back to the Elmes Homecare management team any change in a client’s wellbeing so that effective and timely support can be put in place, respectfully and in a compassionate way.