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Elmes Homecare’s approach is, “Stay happy, stay safe and stay in your own home.” That pledge is at the heart of all we do to deliver exceptional home care to each and every one of our clients.

Your happiness comes from support that enables you to live your life as independently as possible while meeting your health, wellbeing and individual needs. All of the care we offer is bespoke to you and we set out some of the ways we can support clients and make their lives more comfortable here.

Personal Care Service

Discretion, respect and kindness are of the utmost importance to us when assisting you with those daily tasks related to your personal care.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Assistance with washing, bathing, toileting, dressing and undressing, medication prompts, etc.
  • Assistance first thing to help you to get up, have a wash, shaving and personal grooming, get dressed and eat breakfast
  • Assistance last thing, offering support with your bed time routine and getting you into bed.
  • Continence care, including catheter and stoma care and refreshing incontinence pads
  • Reminders or assistance in taking medicine and collection if necessary
  • Mealtime support (preparing meals with or for you).
  • Arranging podiatry and hairdressing appointment in or outside your home
  • Support with getting to and from appointments

Respite Care Service

Respite care is temporary, short-term care for a few days, a few weeks or a couple of months, designed to give you (or your regular carer) a break when you need it most. It may be that you have a business trip, a short holiday, a family emergency or your loved one has had a fall, illness, or is returning from a spell in hospital. Whatever your respite care needs, Elmes Homecare can help.

Elmes Homecare works with you to design a carefully tailored respite care plan, following your normal routine as far as possible, so that disruption to your day to day schedules is minimised at this tricky time.


Companionship Service

This service is most suited to individuals who would benefit from having the reassurance that someone is there with them, to offer support when it is needed. It also provides peace of mind for family members who are unable to regularly visit, as they know their loved one is being cared for.

As part of our companionship service, your care professional will spend time with you, whether that is spent sitting and chatting, looking through old family albums, playing scrabble or watching television, or going out for short walks and outings. They will be able to provide the company and reassurance that you need.


Care Management Service

Our office staff have decades of experience in managing care in domestic setting. They regularly liaise with Social Services, Occupational Therapists, District Nurses, GPs and other health professionals. Should a change in health or abilities leave you at a loss on where to start ordering medical and specialist equipment, we can advise you on next steps to get the support you need.

An example is our hospital to home service, to ensure patients can return to their own home safely. We co-ordinate on patient care needs prior to discharge, ensure their home is prepared and stocked for their return, provide hospital aftercare and ensure that patients are appropriately and respectfully cared for while they convalesce.

Whether you need specialist equipment, assistance with getting your boiler serviced or even just installing a key safe, Elmes Homecare is here to advise and help you.


Domestic Services

If you don’t need personal care at home just yet but could do with a little extra help around the house, Elmes Homecare can provide domestic services which will help you retain a little of your independence or focus on more interesting matters.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms
  • Cleaning out the fridge, and making sure all food is within date
  • General household duties such as vacuuming, mopping & dusting
  • Changing bed linen and towels
  • Laundry & ironing
  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Picking up shopping or prescriptions
  • Pet care – feeding and exercising

Personal Assistance Service

Elmes Homecare can provide you with a full personal assistance and administrative services. By taking care of day-to-day tasks, we can help you manage your time more efficiently, and relieve you of the burden of as many administrative duties as you wish.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Organising and settling household bills
  • Managing home maintenance and security, setting up key safes
  • Accessing and setting up technology, e.g. iPads/ Zoom/ PCs
  • House sitting, holiday bookings and dinner reservations
  • Transport bookings
  • Gift buying
  • Purchasing theatre tickets

Pet Friendly Care Service

Our pets can be our most trusted companions and Elmes Homecare is glad to support your care needs with your pets in your home and even can help you look after your pets.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Pet care – feeding and exercising
  • Shopping for pet food and supplies
  • Making and attending vet appointments

International Care Services

We often support clients whose next of kin live abroad. Over the past years, international travel has been seriously restricted if not prohibited. Family members or friends abroad often engage Elmes Homecare to support loved ones here in the UK when they cannot do that themselves. It provides peace of mind for family members who are unable to regularly visit, as they know their loved one is being cared for.

We are also happy to provide support for UK based clients looking to travel – either nationally or internationally – including house sitting and pet care in your absence.

We are glad to discuss support for non-UK residents planning a trip to London.


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