How we are Different

How we are Different

Elmes Homecare has grown from a start up in springtime of 2018 to become the largest privately owned Homecare company in the London Borough of Bromley and surrounding areas

The company was founded by Liam and Katharine Hayward and our aim is simple – we want to provide exceptional care to the local community, using local services and local businesses.  Our ethos is, “Stay happy, stay safe and stay in your own home”, and that principle is at the heart of all we do, from caring for our clients to training our team.

Getting older or having chronic health conditions need not be barriers to living a full and enjoyable life. We support our clients to feel safe, secure and happy in their homes and will always offer the best possible care for the best possible price.

Our deputy manager, Donna Hider, brings a wealth of experience to Elmes Homecare.  In her two decades in the industry, Donna has worked with local care teams and organisations throughout her working life, including the continuing care teams in Bromley and Beckenham.

We really do want to make a difference in the community. We partner with several local businesses to compliment our client services, from discounted meal services at Cook, legal services, home maintenance, gardening services and much more.

Elmes Homecare is proud to support national and local charities as well as sports clubs in the Bromley area including:

Elmes Homecare is pleased to be listed on the NHS Choices website where you can view information about our service and also access the wealth of information, advice, and guidance provided by the NHS. Click here to visit our page on

Elmes Homecare Ltd welcomes the opportunity to help you with your needs for today and in the future.