Live-in Care

Unlike other care provisions, such as care homes and hourly care, you may want the comfort of a live-in carer for your needs.

At Elmes Homecare Ltd, your bespoke plan of care is developed to suit you, your personal needs, without any set timetables or routines.

Specialist care will be provided to you within the comfort of your home, from carers who have a true understanding of the needs you may have.

Having a live-in carer means you avoid the disruption and upheaval of moving out of your home to receive 24 hour care at a care home, is also has proven benefits to improve both health and well-being and in most cases, is more economical compared to the high fees charged by the care homes.

The best outcome though is you get to stay in your own home, which you love, and still enjoy your life as it is.

If this sounds like what you require, get in touch with us. We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

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